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Montana Free Flyer Prodigies

Montana Jet Flyer & Desiree.jpg

Montana Jet Flyer  "Jet" ridden by
Desiree Treeby


Montana Fly Brandy  "Dice" ridden by Thomasina Thomas

2019 Montana Easy Jets Win (Disco)  Owne

Montana Easy Jets Win  "Disco" ridden by Phyllis Rutland

Montana Flying Turbo & Sara Nutsch1.jpg

Montana Flying Turbo  "Turbo" ridden by Sara Nutsch

Dakota and Carrie Fessler.jpg

Montana Poco Free  "Monty" ridden by Penny Treeby-Hudgens

Montana Poco Leo  "Dakota" ridden by Carrie Fessler


Afton Montana  "Vegas" ridden by
Brenda Coffman

Tiffany and Patches.jpg

Montana Eyes Awinner  "Patches" ridden by Tiffany Beckham

Desi and Showgirl2
Desi and Showgirl

Montana Showgirl  "Showgirl" ridden by Desiree Treeby

Montana Sip of Brandy  "Gogo" 

Montana JR Freedom  "JR" ridden by Kendra Fenix

Montana Easy Signature  "Macho" 

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